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    Gayle Kurtzer Meyers

    The Tremendous Power of Positive Language

    The Tremendous Power of Positive Language is a quick reference reminder that guides the reader through different moments where positive language impacts the outcome of situations.

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Gayle Kurtzer-Meyers is a Licensed Property Manager and Author. She is currently serving as a consultant with extensive experience in managing rental communities and Homeowner Associations. Her management background enhances her talents for extensive business writing, research, and technical topics. In addition, her creative thinking blends well for unique writing and marketing projects.

She has a passion for knowledge and detail. In addition, she works with a high level of integrity for all clients.

Her daily experiences serving as a liaison between residents, board members, and executive owners has cultivated her natural inclination to accentuate the positive of each assignment and diminish the challenges in situations. This attribute guarantees smooth transitions for clients as they work together to produce the perfect project.

She excels at business, technical, resumes, reviews, ghostwriting, marketing, guest blogging, and editing. You can see samples of her work on NewsBreak and Medium.com.

Author Gayle Kurtzer Meyers

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The Tremendous Power of Positive Language is a  quick reference and a self-help book reminder that guides the reader through different moments where positive language impacts the outcome of situations.

It might be a contentious moment at work, a conversation with a friend or spouse, or a teachable time with your child; the words you choose play a vital role.

This book is easy to use at the office and handy to carry with you throughout the day—a constant gentle reminder to think before you speak. Your words do make a difference.

Best Buddies

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Best Buddies

The theme of Best Buddies is friendship. The book is unique as it connects a young reader with a close friend. The book has a rhyming format, so it is easy and fun to read aloud. Art is simple, and colorful with a few blank pages for a child to color or writes their own story.

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