All truth in quick read!

This book gently reminds us of how powerful our words are. Great read! I highly recommend this book to everyone!

Sharon Kemper

Awesome read

I loved the book! It holds ways to make positive changes in the everyday life. Especially, how we use our language for positivity!

Bobbi Winfield

Great book

This book made me think how I need to change the way I think and talk. How distressing is up to me.

Crystal P

Loved it

Excellent read!

Phyllis Eaves

Good refresher on the power of words

Our words have great. Power. We carelessly inflict pain or joy with them . Nothing new here but good reminder course of how to create a positive vibe. This is short with nothing unnecessary.
I recommend it.



Uplifting. Helpful to pause and reset the day.

Marissa Rosenthal

Breaking the cycle of negativity

This book was a nice quick reminder how important it is to try to break the cycle of negativity. We truly don’t realize just how powerful our thoughts are, and how impactful our words are when we speak. Especially when talking to a spouse or loved one, it is very important to remember how you are coming across, and to have much more effective communication, we must consciously try to use more positive language. Even in the ugliest of fights, or the darkest of situations, with a more positive outlook, there is always a lesson or an opportunity to grow.

alexandria Hall

Great Insight

This is a great quick read and reminder to think before you speak. Small changes can make big differences. This would be a great gift for graduates or a great quick read for anyone struggling with verbiage and communication with others.